“Whatever you need,

                       whenever you need it.”


Stat Experts will provide an extremely professional pick-up and delivery service for your clients. This includes uniformed, well-represented, clean-cut couriers with IDs who are ready to meet your expectations at all times.




Specimens, Blood Shipments, Human Organs, Stat Labs, Medical Supplies, Medical Records, Dental Films, Dental Study Models

Financial Services

Payroll Pick-ups/Delivery, Bank Deposits, Financial Transactions, Clearing House Processing Movements

Real Estate

Land Record Filings, Court Filings, Lock Boxes, Sign Installation, Sign Update, Sign Removal, Brochure Refills, On-site Photos, Mortgage Documents


Notarized Documents, Court Filings, Subpoenas (Process Server), Civil Complaints, Foreclosure Notices, Court Room Exhibits, Congressional Line Stand-ins, Congressional Seat Holding, Congressional Bulk Delivery

Printing Industry

High/Low Volume Skid Delivery, Fulfillment Storage and Solutions, Proofs, Annual Reports, Brochures


Air Cargo Pick-up/Delivery, Lost Luggage, Industrial Parts, Supply Chain Solutions, Fulfillment Logistics, Warehousing, PO/Mail Support


Customer Purchases, Catering, Signs,

T-shirts, Awards, Floral, Baked Goods, CD’s, Gift Bags