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Our Mission


At Stat Experts, it is our mission to provide our customers with a synergy of price and quality, by offering affordable rates and high-quality services. Customer service is very important to us and one of the staples of why we are one of the fastest-growing courier services in the East Coast. We will always strive to earn our customer’s business and trust with every single delivery and to maintain our target of being the fastest and most dependable professional courier service. At Stat Experts, we are continually expanding our services to find new ways to meet your ever-expanding needs.

Fast, Reliable and Flexible Services

Our expertise is in providing extremely professional pick-up and delivery service. This includes well-represented, clean-cut couriers that are ready to meet your needs at all times. We are able to pick-up specimens from your client’s office or medical boxes during or after office hours. Our offices are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


All of our staff has been specially trained in the packaging and handling of any type of medical delivery that is deemed to be a dangerous good. Bio-hazardous goods and all medical specimens, whether refrigerated, frozen, or routinely packaged are just a few examples of the sensitive materials we handle daily. We can also help ensure that our clients’ shipments meet all regulations for these types of products.

Stat Experts
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Strategic Fleet

Stat Expert fleet of couriers, who are medically trained in properly handling biohazard material, are also strategically located to guarantee your next STAT pickup is completed under 120 minutes – or it's on us!


We recognize that each client we serve has different needs and requirements of our service. We strongly encourage you to make special demands or instructions as we are here to tailor to your needs. We pledge to fulfill all of your bio-transportation needs.

One Genuine Courier Service Dedicated Solely to Medical Industry

Stat Experts provides customized courier services in the medical industry to fit your requirements.


We Deliver

  • Blood shipments
  • Specimens
  • Human organs
  • Laboratory stats
  • Materials Management
  • Medical records & supplies
  • Pharmaceutical TPNs
  • Prescriptions
  • Dental prosthetics & dentures

Stat Experts Advantage

Our team looks forward to working with you as an extended arm to your operation day in and day out. We are one company with a centralized dispatch, billing, training and process controls. By allowing us to take care of your transportation obligations, we can simultaneously reduce your costs while improving customer service to your clients.


Overhead Costs to Consider Optimizing

Logistics Management

Driver's Wages


Vehicle maintenance & depreciation

Recruitment & training

Accident claims

Vehicle idle time

Workers Compensation Insurance




DOT Record Keeping