Medical Warehousing

Any professional in the healthcare industry knows that warehousing medical supplies involves far more than keeping bandages on a shelf. Every aspect of storing and transporting medical supplies must be secure, safe, accurate, and closely monitored 24/7.

Stat Experts is a medical logistics company with complete medical warehouse services. 

From labs and clinics to pharmacies and other medical facilities, we’re the industry leaders in handling every step of medical logistics, including supply processing, delivery, and storage.

Medical Logistics Solutions


Whenever you need to keep your medical supplies, specimens, and equipment secure and stored away for any period of time, Stat Experts has it under control. When your clients need your goods, we can package and ship them anytime, anywhere, to anyone.

We know the standards and procedures for handling and delivering every kind of medical product. Since we have the ability and facilities to store any type of item, Stat Experts can save you time and money by handling your complete logistical needs.

We’re able to safely store any amount of supplies at our holding facilities and transport them via courier whenever you need them. Whether it’s next-day or within-the-hour delivery, we take care of every detail.

Fulfilling Medical Warehouse Needs

Stat Experts offers a full array of services for medical supply warehousing. We’re able to pick up, store, and re-deliver medical goods securely and on time.

We do all that and more, way more! Stat Experts medical warehouse services can provide end-to-end logistics management, including:

Records Management Expertise | No Minimum Storage Costs | Responsive, Local Service | National Capabilities | Multiple-Site Storage Logistics | On-Time Delivery | Next-Day Delivery | 5-Hour Delivery | 3-Hour Delivery | Warehouse Storage

Benefits of Stat Experts Warehousing

When you partner with Stat Experts to warehouse your medical supplies, you’re doing your business so many favors, including:

  • Stat Experts provides all the staffing for managing your warehouse storage and inventory.
  • You’ll save money by leveraging our partnership for better freight prices and lower warehousing costs.
  • As you grow your business, Stat Experts is equipped to grow with you and make adjustments as needed.
  • By taking advantage of our team’s logistics and warehousing expertise, your medical supply business will run more efficiently and effectively.
  • Outsourcing your warehousing frees up your team to focus on sales, service, quality, and expanding your business
  • Partnering with Stat Experts will help you to avoid long-term leases and other unnecessary expenses
  • By lowering your warehousing expenses, you’ll improve your profit margins and reduce your capital commitment
Stat Experts can manage all aspects of your medical warehousing needs including logistics, inventory, shipping, and storage. You’ll save time, money, and resources and ensure a more efficient supply system.

Stat Experts Medical Logistics

The medical industry is fast-paced and quickly evolving. You can stay ahead of the game when you use Stat Experts for your medical warehouse logistics. We’re built to be flexible, responsive, and able to adapt to any changes or surprises that pop up.

Our ability to manage your medical storage logistics also includes on-demand pick-up and delivery of urgent prescriptions and patient supplies. We’re on the job around the clock, and we serve some of the largest pharmacies and healthcare organizations in the country.

With our centralized dispatch, billing, transportation, storage, and process controls, we can reduce your costs and improve your customer service. The bottom line: Stat Experts can help your team succeed while doing our part to keep your valued clients healthy.