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Stat Experts

With over 75 years of combined experience, our executive team stand together with our clients to ensure flawless deliveries at optimized costs.

Stat Experts


On-Demand & Scheduled

SuperStat (1-hr)

Stat (2-hr)

Regular (3-hr)

Routed & Call-Ins



Safely Handling

Biopsy   |  Live Organ   |  Rx

Medical Record   |   Prosthesis

Biological Sample

(Ambient, Refrigerated, Frozen)

Stat Experts


Transparent Rates

(No Hidden Fees)


Proof of Delivery
Online Ordering & Real-Time
GPS Tracking
Uniformed Couriers
with ID
Stat Experts


24/7 Live Support

Incl. Holidays & Inclement Weather



Dedicated Couriers

Friendly and Professional

AWD Vehicles in
Inclement Weather

At No Extra Cost

An Innovative Leader in Medical Transportation

Stat Experts is committed to high standards of service through a series of effective systems and facilities. We offer non-stop access to our call center, which answers all calls 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Our Customer Service and Dispatch teams have over 75 years of combined experience managing all types of specifications from envelopes to organ transplants.

Our Promise

At Stat Experts, we have an unwavering commitment to provide our customers with unparalleled STAT delivery solutions. It is our goal to provide dependable and convenient service when time is the most crucial factor in saving patients lives.

Delivery Through a Range of Vehicles

Stat Experts has over 1,000 drivers that perform all deliveries to your standards. Our fully insured delivery team offers a range of vehicles including cars, vans, box-trucks and four-wheel drive vehicles to ensure we can handle any kind of delivery, any time in any weather. All drivers are equipped with coolers for safe transport of temperature-sensitive shipments.

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