Operating an effective courier service in the 21st century requires smart and innovative technology. Stat Experts makes use of all the high-tech necessary to ensure your deliveries are safe, secure, accurate and on time.

Discover how our advanced approach to routing, tracking, and reporting for our shipments gives you a high-tech, high-touch connection every second of every day.

Online Ordering & Reports

With Stat Experts, you can place orders, track orders, and access delivery reports from any device. Any time, day or night, you can get a clear view of every aspect of your account.

We make it as easy as possible to make a pickup request. Simply log in to your account to schedule deliveries faster than you can say “click and done.” As long as you’re connected to the Internet, you have full access to every detail of your account.

Phone With Information

Customized Tracking Program

Routing & Optimization

You’ll never miss a beat with our cutting-edge logistics software. Our tech tools ensure every order is entered correctly, every job is dispatched quickly, and every route is the most efficient possible.

Whether you have vital on-demand jobs or manage route distribution, Stat Experts’ advanced technology reduces errors and lowers your costs. For you, that means dependable, accurate support no matter what you’re shipping or where you’re shipping it to.

We currently provide services across the continental United States.

Real-Time Tracking

From the moment you place an order till your delivery reaches its final destination, Stat Experts gives you the ability to track every step of your shipment at any moment with 100% transparency.

Our technology is far more advanced than you may realize.

We implemented a new TSA-approved lithium-free tracking technology that monitors climate, senses damage, and provides hyper-accurate location data. Our system also includes light, humidity, and motion sensors for full visibility of your shipment.

Stat Experts’ tracking system is thorough and designed to give you all the information you need.

We keep records of every order in our database that you can access at any time. It’s easy, simple, and always available.

Innovative Technologies

Stat Experts takes advantage of the latest innovative technologies to ensure our deliveries are safe and secure from pick-up through final delivery.

We offer a highly advanced GPS tracking system that provides our customers with secure, 100% visibility of their high-value shipments. Our advanced GPS tracking systems includes the following data points:

  • Hyper-accurate location data
  • Climate monitoring gives you insight into a shipment’s environment
  • Shipment integrity assured with shock sensors that alert us to shipment damage
  • TSA-approved non-lithium battery comes with astounding battery life and exceeds any shipment duration
  • Designed for medical, cold chain, high value, industrial, and time-sensitive shipments
  • Location accuracy through cellular, wi-fi, or GPS
  • Supported with 10+ bands for global coverage
  • Condition sensors track temperature, light, humidity, shock, motion
  • Temperature accuracy is +/- 0.5° Celsius
  • Operating range is -20° C to 60° C
    Certifications include CE, FCC, UN38.3, EN12830
  • Reduces delays, damages, tampering, shortage, or loss
  • 100% visibility to Stat Experts and our customers
  • Regulatory compliance with FSMA, C-TPAT, FDA, etc.

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