Logistics Services

When you need to ship products from Point A to Point Z, Stat Experts can take care of everything in between.

You never need to cross your fingers to hope your orders can cross the country. Stat Experts provides all the logistics services to obtain, transport and store your shipments.

Why spend all your time and resources scrambling to organize, manage, and track your shipments when you can partner with us to do it for you?

What Are Logistics Services?

For you, managing your shipments should be as simple as a tap on your phone. Click and done. Logistics can be a complex and never-ending series of changing details, surprises, and split-second decisions. Fortunately, the team at Stat Experts excels at organizing logistics. We do the hard work behind the scenes to ensure your shipments are safe, secure, and on time. Logistics involves multi-faceted systems that are required for moving pallets, boxes, equipment, and specimens to where they need to go. If a truckload of medical supplies needs to cross seven states to make 19 deliveries by Tuesday, only a well-tuned logistical process will get it routed as efficiently as possible. The e-commerce supply chain is a constantly evolving machine that requires attention to constantly changing details. Every part of that process must be synchronized in order to run smoothly. Persistent and consistent coordination between the logistical systems and the team connected to them is the only way to ensure security and reliability every single time.

Qualities of an Efficient Logistics System

An efficient logistics system depends on several essential elements to ensure its ongoing functionality. While the list of details involved in logistics is virtually never-ending, the most important features are:

A Well-Connected Network

In addition to the original manufacturer, efficient logistics requires an expansive team of dispatchers, drivers, warehouse managers, and other support staff who each play key roles in various facets of the shipping and storage activities.

Updated Computer Systems

Computer software and hardware are constantly being streamlined, overhauled, and re-invented. Stat Experts uses the most advanced technology for real-time tracking, monitoring, and safely transporting all our customers’ shipments.

Clear and Constant Communication

The best logistics systems provide their customers with transparency (no secrets or surprises), immediacy (available any time from anywhere), and clarity (know exactly what’s happening at any given moment).

Expert Staff

Since managing logistics can be complicated, it requires an in-depth understanding of all aspects of the process. The highly experienced team at Stat Experts knows the ins, outs, ups, and downs of logistics.

Centralized Hub

With so many variables involved, the organization of logistics is best operated from a single, unified source. When all the information flows through one hub, the chance for mistakes decreases dramatically.

Zero Cracks

“It fell through the cracks” is something we never say at Stat Experts. A fully-functioning, well-managed logistics operation reduces the possibility of error and ensures your peace of mind.

Stat Experts Logistics Services.

The work required for efficient logistics never ends. Stat Experts has built systems that never sleep. We maintain thorough and visible documentation of every step of the process. We’re highly skilled at designing strategies for even the most complex logistics challenges.

Discover the advantages of partnering with Stat Experts for your logistics needs. We’re committed to finding you solutions and passionate about your company’s success.