Complete Courier and Logistics Services

Need something important delivered on the same day? Stat Experts can get it there. STAT!

Stat Experts is one of the nation’s leading courier and logistics providers, specializing in quick, safe deliveries for the medical, legal, printing, real estate, and retail industries.

We offer a variety of customized logistics services to help your company grow.

Our number-one commitment is helping your company succeed. We’ve got the experts, technology, and solutions in place to exceed your expectations.

Reliable, On-time Courier and Logistics Services

Whether you need same-day or next-day shipments, Stat Experts is ready to handle your most urgent requests for your courier and logistics services. We offer Regular (3-hour), Stat (2-hour), or SuperStat (direct) options to fulfill your most time-sensitive deliveries.

We partner with our customers to provide seamless, professional service to your clients. For example, our “call first” service allows your clients to hear your company’s name when they inquire about deliveries. Doctors’ offices will feel comfortable knowing your laboratory is providing services directly to them. This kind of streamlined logistics process instills confidence in your customers, eliminates unexpected charges, and prevents mistakes.

We offer scheduled deliveries, as well, saving you 10-20% in shipping fees. When the doctor’s office sees the same driver every day they’ll enjoy the peace of mind of knowing a specific expert is handling their account.

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Secure, Confidential Courier and Logistics Services

This service enables substantial savings for each facility when all of your client specimens are brought to, sorted, and consolidated at our offices with full chain of custody and transparency.

We understand the sensitive nature and importance of medical deliveries. We take all the necessary steps to fulfill requirements in every industry we serve, including compliance with all federal regulations — including OSHA and HIPAA — for all your courier and logistics services needs.

Smart Supply Chain Solutions and Logistics Services

Stat Experts offers complete logistics planning, allowing us to save you money. We keep you up to date every step of the way, providing transparent reporting for your deliveries, costs, timing, and performance.

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From warehousing your supplies to creating the perfect customized solutions for your deliveries, Stat Experts can manage every detail of your shipping process. Whether you’re shipping temperature-controlled lab specimens across the country or legal records across town, our team will find the most optimized, reliable, and secure route your packages can take.

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We understand that many of your transportation decisions come down to budget. That’s why we’ve developed a courier and logistics services process that ships parcels as cost-efficiently as possible. When you let Stat Experts do the heavy lifting, you can avoid costly mistakes and delays.

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Our staff is specially trained to handle medical, legal, and other sensitive deliveries. Since our dispatch operations are centralized, we can assure that you every detail of your shipments are live monitored by our Quality Control team 24/7.

Grow with Stat Experts Courier and Logistics Services

Our goal at Stat Experts is to be the most dependable, reasonably priced courier service in our industry. We aim to deliver every single package to its destination on time every time.

It pays to find the most reasonable rates AND the highest quality service. You get both when you partner with Stat Experts. It’s time for you to discover what customized courier service is all about. Contact our team to learn about our range of logistics services designed specifically to help your company succeed.