Warehousing and Storage

Your customers care about one thing: getting their deliveries safely and on time. No matter what your company is shipping, it’s likely you need some amount of warehousing and storage to ensure efficiency and cost management.

It almost always pays to hire a third party to manage your warehousing and storage needs. Give your company a solid boost by taking advantage of the many benefits of outsourcing that side of your business.

The Benefits of Warehousing and Storage

Unless warehousing and storage are the central part of your business, it pays to contract with an established expert to manage it for you. Consider the benefits of outsourcing your warehousing and storage needs.

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The experts handle the details for you.

The laws and regulations related to warehousing and storage — especially in the medical, legal, and retail industries — are both numerous and complex. Keep your business worry-free by partnering with a courier and logistics company that understands how to comply with the rules.

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Keep your team and your customers happy.

When warehousing professionals take charge of your needs, you can rest assured your orders and shipments are managed accurately and completely.

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Free up your team to focus on your company’s core strengths.

Managing warehouse logistics is no small undertaking. Instead, spend your resources doing what it takes to make your company succeed.

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Save Money with Warehousing and Storage

Perhaps the biggest benefit of outsourcing your warehousing and storage is the cost savings. Here are just a few of the ways you can keep more money in your account by partnering with a third party like Stat Experts.

Maintaining your own warehouse is expensive. Whether you build or lease, the costs of running a warehouse are high. You’ll pay for utilities, equipment, forklifts, pallets, furnishings, security systems, and so much more. With outsourcing, you pay only for the space you need to store your materials.

Labor adds up, too. Hiring extra help — along with the management, human resources, and other expenses connected to employment — can significantly impact your company’s profitability. When you rely on a third party for warehousing and storage, they’re able to cover those costs for you.

Increase your return on investment. Avoiding unnecessary capital, labor, and maintenance costs boosts your bottom line.

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Use Stat Experts for Your Warehousing and Storage Needs

Warehousing and storage are an essential part of our business, and our success depends on our ability to do it well.

When you partner with Stat Experts to handle your warehousing and storage needs, you save time, money, and hassle. PLUS you’ll enjoy the accurate, efficient, and secure management of the distribution side of your business.

Trust matters. And you can always trust Stat Experts to meet your warehousing and storage needs.

Talk with the courier and logistics pros at Stat Experts to discover all the benefits and savings of our warehousing and storage capabilities.

Exciting Developments at Stat Experts

We’re pleased to announce that Christina Haskins, our former VP of Marketing, has been appointed President of Stat Experts, with Hamed Chaharbaghi as Executive VP. CEO David Frenzel and former President Allen Absalon will continue their involvement in advisory roles.

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