Courier Services for the Technology Industry

At Stat Experts, we understand the high-tech industry’s unique requirements for delivering highly sensitive products. We also understand these jobs can determine a project’s completion. We’ve built a failproof system that ensures every shipment is fully secure from the moment it’s picked up from your facility to its arrival at its final destination. Because these are highly sensitive products, we dedicate experienced drivers that are able to deliver parts directly and help with the install of basic materials.

Discover why more and more high-tech businesses are relying on Stat Experts for their courier service and delivery needs.

Why Use Stat Experts for Technology Deliveries

As an extended member of your team, Stat Experts integrates with your scheduling, billing, record-keeping, and delivery processes to ensure a seamless experience for you and your customers. With a centralized dispatch, we’re able to manage the the complete logistics for the shipping needs of your business.

Stat Experts can save your company time and money by providing:

  • Local courier offices supported by our national logistics team
  • Centralized dispatch
  • Accurate record-keeping
  • Automatic billing
  • Fully controlled processes
  • Personalized customer service (including basic install)
  • Complete management of drivers, vehicle maintenance, insurance, and training
  • Worry-free logistics
  • Confidentiality

Our drivers are also equipped with the training to recover large tech freight from flights, transfer items from flight to flight, as well as tender the equipment onto international flights.

Secure and Confidential Handling

Worry-Free Shipments

Worry-Free Shipments

When you use Stat Experts you’re never left in the dark, whether it’s access to history of every delivery on our online portal, pickup and delivery notifications, or our highly trained drivers. You’re always in good hands.
Temperature-Controlled Delivery

Temperature-Controlled Delivery

Technology components can be fragile and vulnerable to extreme temperatures and other transportation dangers, so Stat Experts takes every precaution to keep your shipments safe.
Full Visibility

Full Visibility

Every second your shipment is in our hands, you will have visibility of its whereabouts and physical condition. Our client portal provides real time tracking and shipment history from any device.
Complete Confidentiality

Complete Confidentiality

Stat Experts understands the distinct needs for confidentiality and delivering tech shipments, and that all information shared by clients are only given on a need to know basis.

Trust Stat Experts with Your Technology Courier Needs

Discover how Stat Experts can help streamline your technology business with next-level courier services. Make your job simpler and easier by partnering with our team of delivery experts.