Stat Experts

Transparency is key to building trust

Online Ordering & Customized Reports

The convenience of online ordering and access to reports that will provide a clear view of operation are just a couple of features that add compliment to our impeccable services. Never delay a pickup request  as long as you are connected to the Internet. 

Routing & Optimization

Whether we are running vital on-demand jobs or handling route distribution we use reliable tools to make sure orders are entered correctly, jobs are dispatched quickly and our clients are kept up to date on progress. Advanced technology helps us accomplish our goals with fewer errors and lower costs.

Real-Time Tracking

All shipping orders received by Stat Experts are provided with tracking numbers that give you the ability to track the process from pick-up through delivery. Order records remain stored indefinitely for your access at anytime. Simply log in and use a keyword to pull up your order history during a given range of dates.

Cross-Platform Compatibility

The convenience of a web-based platform enables everyone on any device, including iOS and Android smartphones, to stay updated about their pickups and deliveries. Log onto your account to review your dashboard and monitor your account activities.