5 Reasons Hospitals Need a Temperature-Controlled Courier 

May 2, 2023 | Medical Courier

Moving medical specimens, lab deliveries, or even blood donations to laboratories or a different hospital needs to be done with care and efficiency. The shipments arriving on time can be a matter of life or death. 

Healthcare facilities need to be able to send things across town, another state, or across the country quickly and with the utmost care. Due to these needs, Stat Experts recommends that all healthcare facilities use a temperature-controlled courier. 

A temperature-controlled courier can give those in the healthcare industry more time and flexibility. Delivering lab specimens requires professional and experienced care that comes with a temperature-controlled courier. 

Stat Experts Temperature-Controlled Courier Service

At Stat Experts, we are equipped to give hospitals the service they need when they need it. In addition, our medical logistics team is filled with professionally trained individuals to transport such shipments and do them safely. 

Timing is everything in the medical world. We want to give you the most minutes possible through our temperature-controlled courier services. The following are five reasons why a medical courier who utilizes temperature-controlled vehicles can help you make these life-saving deliveries. 

#1: Maintains Medical Specimen

Temperature-sensitive deliveries require specific temperatures throughout the entirety of the shipment. If the shipment is not maintained at the right temperature, the shipment can be spoiled by arrival time. 

At Stat Experts, our temperature-controlled vehicles are equipped with the latest technology to keep shipments at the proper temperatures. You can also count on temperature-controlled couriers to keep up with protocols and guidelines throughout the shipment. 

#2: Travel Further 

In addition, temperature-controlled logistics can take temperature-sensitive shipments farther distances. Since the vehicle is prepared to move a temperature-sensitive item, the driver can make further trips without stopping to maintain the correct temperatures. 

If you need to send something to a town over or across the country, a temperature-controlled courier can get the shipment to its destination while maintaining its effectiveness. 

#3: Less Risk 

A temperature-controlled courier reduces the risk involved in transporting temperature-sensitive shipments. Since this type of courier can maintain the correct temperature of the shipment, you can have peace of mind that the delivery will arrive as expected. 

In addition, a medical logistics provider like Stat Experts only uses trained, professional couriers who understand the importance of the shipments. They can act quickly and on their feet if they experience delays en route to their destination. 

When you choose a temperature-controlled courier, you reduce the risk of losing the shipment and increase the chances of saving a life. 

#4: Same-Day Deliveries 

Along with less risk, temperature-controlled couriers can offer same-day delivery as Stat Experts does. 

When you choose on-demand, you can choose to have the deliveries completed during the following time frames: 

  • Regular delivery (three hours) 
  • Stat (two hours)
  • SuperStat (direct)
  • White Glove (direct + additional monitoring)

When you choose regular delivery, you can know that the shipment will arrive within three hours. If you choose Stat, your shipment will arrive in two hours. Super Stat  and White Glove sends your shipments directly to their destinations in less than 2 hours. 

#5: Experience and Safety

Lastly, temperature-controlled shipments put safety at the forefront of their work. At Stat Experts, we have professional experience in moving temperature-sensitive products. Shipments like these can mean life or death, so we want to ensure that they are handled accordingly. 

We understand the sensitive nature and importance of all your medical deliveries. As a result, we always take the necessary steps to fulfill the compliance of every industry we serve, including compliance with all federal regulations like OSHA and HIPAA.

Use a Temperature-Controlled Courier Today

Medical shipping is not a responsibility to be taken lightly. At Stat Experts, we know that timing is everything in the medical world. We also know that shipments need to be delivered at any given time. 

If you want to learn more about how Stat Experts can help with your medical logistics, contact us today, and we will walk you through the entire process. 

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