Stat Experts Announces Promising Shift in Leadership and New Status as a Minority-Owned Company

Jun 5, 2024 | Stat Experts

Baltimore, MD — As a premier provider of medical courier services in the American Northeast, Stat Experts is pleased to announce an exciting milestone for both the company and its leadership. Effective June 1st, 2024, Christina Haskins will step into the role of President at Stat Experts, joined by Hamed Chaharbaghi as executive Vice President. This shift marks a pivotal moment in the company’s history — as well as its first foray into minority ownership.

Christina Haskins, President of Stat Experts

Christina Haskins, who previously served as Vice President of Marketing at Stat Experts, has been a driving force behind the brand’s expanding reach in the healthcare logistics field. Her wealth of industry experience and detailed knowledge of strategic messaging are a testament to her abilities as a leader and a sure sign of promising developments in the company’s future.

Hamed Chaharbaghi, previously the company’s Vice President of Business Development, has played an instrumental role thus far in forging the partnerships that have made Stat Experts a leading force in the industry. As the new executive Vice President, he will continue to leverage his thorough expertise in business strategy to elevate both the brand’s position and capabilities.

Hamed Chaharbaghi, Executive Vice President of Stat Experts

This transition will see former President Allen Absalon and CEO David Frenzel moving into advisory roles on the company’s board, where they will continue to provide the valuable insights that have shaped Stat Experts into the trusted provider it is today.

“We’re very excited for this new chapter in our journey,” said Absalon. “Christina and Hamed bring both a wealth of experience and fresh perspective to the table. We look forward to what comes next with high expectations and the utmost confidence in their leadership.”

This change in leadership stands as a milestone in Stat Experts’ ongoing commitment to inclusion and diverse perspectives. As a minority-owned company for the first time in its history, Stat Experts is now poised to strengthen its position, explore new territories, and leverage innovative insights to further enhance the services it provides in Baltimore and beyond.

About Stat Experts:

Stat Experts is a trusted leader in medical courier services for healthcare providers and labs across the nation. Headquartered in Baltimore, Maryland, the company has more than 75 years of collective experience into the most dependable services in the industry.


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Exciting Developments at Stat Experts

We’re pleased to announce that Christina Haskins, our former VP of Marketing, has been appointed President of Stat Experts, with Hamed Chaharbaghi as Executive VP. CEO David Frenzel and former President Allen Absalon will continue their involvement in advisory roles.

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