Medical Delivery Companies: Reliable Solutions You Need

Dec 14, 2023 | Medical Logistics

Healthcare facilities throughout Chantilly partner with medical delivery companies to improve operations and save money. With the necessary speed and attention to detail, professional medical couriers enhance the efforts of patient care as an extension of your team. 

Rather than spending time searching endlessly for the right medical logistics company, check out the services available in Chantilly, VA, from one of the most trusted medical logistics teams.

The Role of Medical Delivery Companies 

Depending on your facility’s needs, your medical logistics provider adapts to fill in the gaps. Some of the services you can expect from medical delivery companies include: 

  • Blood shipments 
  • Multi-site system transfers 
  • Medical specimen pick-up and deliveries 
  • Material management for hospitals 
  • Scheduled routing for laboratories and hospital 
  • Warehouse and facility support 

Specialized Call First Service 

For laboratory clients in Chantilly, Stat Experts has couriers call your partnered doctor’s offices each morning to confirm any shipments. This promotes longer-lasting relationships between your lab and the medical providers you work with to save lives. 

On-Demand Deliveries 

Whether it is same-day or next-day shipments, get equipment and specimens to their destination fast without risking damage or mishandling. Scheduled routing may save you between 10 to 20%, depending on the shipments. 

Customizable Options 

Unlike other medical delivery companies, Stat Experts adjusts services to match your specific needs regardless of the type of your facility. To better serve your team and your patients, each shipment is consolidated with the necessary specimen to reduce the cost, including a bill of lading to encourage transparency with the chain of custody. 

How Do Medical Couriers Save You Money?

Staying under budget allows you to allocate funds for important things such as advanced technology or expanding space for treatment. Medical couriers cut your costs by covering a long list of delivery expenses, such as:

  • Training costs
  • Insurance 
  • Wages and benefits
  • Fuel 
  • Uniforms
  • Central dispatch
  • Supervision
  • Record-keeping
  • Warehousing
  • Vehicles
  • Idle time and maintenance 

Why Do Healthcare Facilities Trust Couriers? 

Every second counts in the medical field, and having team members you trust in Chantilly is essential for life and death circumstances. Rest assured that medical couriers from Stat Experts ensure the following: 

Up-to-Date Compliance 

Every courier receives training for federal regulations, including both OSHA and HIPPA. Protecting your patients’ and organization’s privacy is a top priority for each member of Stat Experts. 


Keep track of when and where each of your shipments has traveled while controlling access to your records 24/7. 

Stat Experts: The Streamlining You Need 

With over 75 years of experience in improving procedures for medical professionals across the nation, when you place your trust in Stats Experts, each delivery is on time and handled with care. You can always expect professionalism and respect in every interaction with your couriers. 

The Best of Medical Delivery Companies in Chantilly

If your healthcare facility is in Chantilly, Virginia, and you need to ramp up operations, consider working with professional medical couriers. Save your organization time and money without sacrificing patient care when you partner with Stat Experts. 
Ready to get started with your improved logistics in 2024? Contact Stat Experts today.