7 Benefits of Partnering with a Medical Logistics Courier

Oct 25, 2022 | Medical Courier

Without a successful supply chain, you cannot have a successful business. There are many moving parts, or maybe driving trucks, that go into the success of any company. Investing in a logistics company is essential to succeed. 

But, for medical companies, it may be daunting to trust someone else with your inventory. It’s a life-saving business. This blog offers seven reasons why partnering with a medical logistics courier will grow your business towards more success. 

1. They’re Experts

When you partner with a medical logistics courier, you don’t need to worry about what you don’t know. They will bring all the expertise necessary to ensure that your biopsies, live organs, pharmaceuticals, medical records, prostheses, biological samples, and medical specimens are warehoused, inventoried, and distributed in perfect condition.  

Your medical logistics courier is fully educated on all OSHA, FDA, HIPAA, CAP, and TSA regulations. Therefore, you can feel confident putting all your logistic needs into their hands. 

2. The Resources You Need

When running a company, it is challenging to facilitate all the logistics that go into your company. It is timely, costly, and requires extensive education that you may not already have, and that’s okay! 

Medical logistic couriers will provide you with courier vehicles, warehousing space, medical delivery drivers, and more at an affordable and cost-saving price for your company. 

3. Proven Security Systems

Another significant expense that comes with warehousing and distributing your products is investing in adequate security. Medical products can be hazardous if in the wrong hands, so all of your inventory must be in secure warehousing, transportation vessels, and reliable hands. 

4. Scalability Options

By parenting with a logistics company, you can pay for what you need when you need it. Instead of investing in your own warehousing space that you will need to pay whether you have the inventory or not, investing in a logistics company will save you money when your inventory fluctuates.

5. A More Extensive Reach 

Logistic companies offer you the ability to have a wider reach than you would have if you operated your logistics. By having warehousing and drivers all across the country, you will be able to reach more consumers, hospitals, and medical centers. 

6. Advanced Technology

Having the most up-to-date technology is essential for accurate and efficient logistics. When you partner with a logistics company, they will offer real-time tracking services and the newest inventory technology.

7. Medically Trained Transporters

Medical couriers are medically trained in handling biohazard material. Therefore, when you partner with a medical logistics company, you don’t need to worry about training employees outside of the healthcare industry. They already know how to properly handle your inventory. 

Your Medical Logistics Courier

If you’re currently looking for a medical logistics courier, look at Stat Experts. We are a 24/7/365 medical courier service that prioritizes speed, reliability, and flexibility. We offer many services in addition to the seven benefits listed above. Learn more about us today.