A Guide to Courier Flights

May 17, 2023 | Flight Courier Services

Do you have shipments that require extreme reliability and security? Does your shipment need to reach longer distances that are usually covered by aircraft? If so, a courier flight logistics option may be the solution you need. 

Courier flights are a delivery solution that ensures a courier will be with your package throughout the entire shipment process. From pickup to final delivery, a flight courier is responsible for getting your package to its destination smoothly and safely. 

Many businesses choose courier flights for delivering highly sensitive cargo such as human organs, legal documents, or high-tech parts for a security computer business. Whatever the reason, the goal is to ensure that sensitive documents are handled in a way that protects your shipments. 

What Are Courier Flights?

Courier flight service is a logistics solution in which a courier accompanies a delicate or confidential package from pickup to delivery. 

This service is typically used for time-critical or high-value shipments that require special attention and handling. Some types of shipments that usually have a courier flight service include: 

  • Biological samples
  • Sensitive legal documents
  • Pharmaceuticals 
  • Anything that requires urgent, secure, and reliable transport

Courier flights keep shipments secure throughout the delivery process. Many businesses turn to a courier flight service for their sensitive shipments because it gives them peace of mind that their shipment is in the hands of a trained professional with the expertise required for following all the rules and protocols for unique packages. 

Benefits of Courier Flights

Courier flights offer many advantages for sensitive shipments, including: 


With courier flights, the package or document is hand-carried by a courier who accompanies it. This means the shipment can be delivered faster than traditional courier services, which may rely on ground transportation or multiple carriers. 

The assigned courier focuses on one shipment, so they do not encounter any additional stops along the way. As a result, the delivery saves time. 


Courier flight solutions offer high levels of security for shipments. The courier is continuously responsible for the package and it remains in their possession at all times. The courier is also trained in security protocols to ensure the package is accounted for throughout the journey.

Real-Time Tracking

Many courier flight services offer real-time tracking of shipments. This allows you to monitor the status of your package at all times while the courier provides updates on the delivery progress.

Customized Solutions

Many courier flight providers offer customized solutions to meet each client’s unique needs. The company can provide tailored services such as dedicated couriers, customized packaging, and specialized handling.

Courier Flights at Stat Experts

If you have urgent orders that need to go long distances, a courier flight solution may be the way to go. At Stat Experts, we offer a variety of courier flight solutions to help your shipments get from point A to point Z quickly and reliably. 

Along with courier flights, Stat Experts offer many flight logistics solutions including: 

  • Airport recovery
  • Next flight out
  • First AM flight
  • Last flight out 
  • Onboard courier 

To use Stat Experts as your courier flight provider, reach out using our get a quote page today. Click here to learn more about our flight solutions.