Different Types of Courier Services

Nov 10, 2022 | Uncategorized

Stat Experts offers reliable, professional, and STAT medical courier services. These services enable medical companies in need of transporting biopsies, live organs, pharmaceuticals, etc., to have their transportation and warehousing needs taken care of properly and safely. 

Medical courier distribution has many different factors than standard courier distribution. Because of that, pharmaceutical companies must partner with medical distribution professionals for their different types of courier services. 

We offer every type of courier shipping service that your medical company may need for different types of deliveries with superior customer service. Learn more about some of these services below.

On-Demand Medical Courier 

As a 24/7/365 facility, we are always on call. Because medical emergencies cannot wait, we will be ready to serve you and get any shipments on the road, stat! We are fully equipped to handle any time-sensitive and urgent delivery. Our on-demand courier services include:

  • Same-day delivery 
  • Regular 3-hour
  • Stat 2-hour
  • Superstat (direct) 1-hour
  • Next-day delivery
  • White Glove

All of our routes are optimized and planned so that they arrive precisely when you need them. Our route planning saves both you and our time and money, decreasing the amount of mileage and gas we use on trips. We will also supply our clients with a complimentary courier data evaluation before any service begins. 

Scheduled Medical Courier

In addition to our on-demand services, we offer scheduled courier services. These services can be one-time deliveries or recurring deliveries. Scheduled deliveries come with benefits, including a 10-20% decrease in cost. 

When scheduling a delivery service, you have the benefit of encountering the same driver on every delivery. This way, as a medical professional, you will be at peace knowing that a trained and educated medical courier is handling your shipments.  

Additionally, scheduled deliveries allow you to choose a live pickup delivery time. With this benefit, you will know precisely when your delivery will arrive in as small as a 30-minute window daily. 

Specimen Processing and Consolidation 

In addition to distribution, finding a medical courier who can offer you advanced packaging services will significantly increase the quality of your medical logistics. Our specimen processing service sorts and consolidates all specimens brought to our facility daily to save money.

Courier Services Innately Related to Warehousing 

While you can partner with different companies for your courier services and warehousing, it is better to partner with one company for all your logistic services. This will streamline your logistic strategy, making it easier for all your logistical moving parts to be on the same page. 

Stat Experts offers warehousing services in addition to their courier services so that your transportation is directly linked to your storage. As a full-service warehouse, we can pick up, deliver, and store all your medical products. In addition, we provide expertise in recordkeeping, national operation with multiple storage sites, and high-tech storage technology. 

Take Advantage of our Different Types of Courier Services

As a full-service logistics company, we offer you every service you need to establish an effective and profitable logistics strategy. We also offer high-tech, real-time tracking capabilities to build and develop trust with our customers. Learn more about us and our passion for medical logistics.