Faster Delivery With a Medical Supplies Courier in Baltimore, MD

Sep 26, 2023 | Medical Logistics

Having consistent, rapid delivery of medical deliveries can significantly impact patient care. Trust an experienced medical supplies courier in Baltimore, Maryland, to get your staff the tools they need to keep their patients healthy. 

Working with a medical supplies courier can expedite the pick-up and delivery process without sacrificing the careful handling of your shipments. Get your equipment, medications, and other supplies faster while saving both time and money with your investment.

Get Your Medical Supplies Stat in Baltimore, MD

When lives are on the line, the proper delivery of medical supplies is of utmost importance. With an independent medical supplies courier, you’ll take advantage of several significant benefits, including:

On-Site Storage 

Our medical supplies courier will provide on-site storage for time-critical patients for medical equipment and parts.

Delivery and Facility Support 

A medical courier can quickly deliver the proper supplies while also providing support for warehouses and your facility.

Effective Transfers 

Save time by working with a medical supplies courier who is experienced with transfers between multi-site systems.

Scheduled Routing

Medical couriers can save time by having scheduled routes between laboratories and hospitals. Discounts may be available with this option. 

Nationwide Service 365 Days a Year

Independent medical supplies couriers will be able to deliver your supplies anywhere in the nation at any time of year.

Custom Courier Services 

Depending on the specifications of your facility, a specialized courier will deliver sorted and consolidated single shipments. This comes with a bill of lading for a clear chain of custody.

Call-First Service 

You can maintain a healthy relationship with your partnered doctors with an experienced medical courier. The courier will call the doctors’ offices daily to confirm any deliveries or pick-ups.

Additional Benefits From Medical Supplies Couriers

With an experienced medical supplies courier, you save money while enjoying faster deliveries and pick-ups. Partnering with an independent provider can save you from the following expenses:

  • Insurance and accident claims 
  • Courier training costs 
  • DOT record keeping 
  • Vehicle maintenance and fuel
  • Vehicle idle time and parking violations 
  • Courier cell phones 
  • Workers’ compensation costs

Every specially trained courier from Stat Experts follows each of the requirements for federal compliance, including OSHA and HIPPA. Your facility is guaranteed to have its medical equipment and specimen handled with care 100% of the time and picked up/delivered as soon as possible.

Stat Experts Your Medical Supplies Courier

Stat Experts is dedicated to providing medical courier services that will save your team time so you can save lives. Our team has combined decades of experience working in the healthcare industry, and we’ve developed a reliable infrastructure for handling, storing, tracking, and managing every aspect of hospital logistics. 

You can feel at ease knowing that each shipment with Stat Experts in Baltimore, Maryland, can easily be tracked and accounted for thanks to the accurate record keeping for every pick-up and delivery. We take advantage of the most advanced technologies to ensure accuracy, security, and safety for every single shipment. 

Dependability and professionalism are at the core of our business, and we look forward to partnering with your team in Baltimore, Maryland . If you are ready to get started or have questions regarding pricing for medical courier services, request a quote today.