Finding Efficient Logistics Services in Baltimore, MD

Nov 16, 2023 | Logistics

Your patients deserve the best care available. Now you can enhance patient care by partnering with a professional courier service in Baltimore, MD.

Medical couriers are trained to handle your shipments from equipment to medical specimens in ways that save you time and money.

5 Benefits of Professional Courier Services 

Professional delivery providers are an extension of your team, designed to improve your operations. Medical couriers help reduce risks associated with shipments and support the highest levels of patient care through valuable benefits including:

Saving Time

In the medical field, timing is everything. Professional medical courier services can pick up and deliver your shipments on time, every time, allowing your staff to focus on patient care. Medical courier services include:

  • Hospital and laboratory scheduled routing 
  • Warehouse and facility support 
  • Blood shipments 
  • Transfers between multi-site systems 
  • Medical specimen pick-up and delivery across the U.S. 

Reducing Expenses

Medical couriers can reduce healthcare organizations’ operating costs by handling the following expenses:

  • Insurance 
  • Training costs 
  • Fuel 
  • Vehicles, maintenance, and idle time
  • Uniforms 
  • Wages
  • Inventory
  • Tracking software and hardware

Privacy and Compliance 

Due to the sensitive nature of the medical field, professional medical couriers are trained in compliance with federal regulations such as OSHA and HIPPA. Protecting your patients’ privacy is a priority for each courier. 

Shipment Tracking 

Working with a professional Baltimore courier service provides the extra benefit of accurate shipment tracking. Knowing the location and ETA of medical specimens is essential and is available 24/7. Medical couriers can provide a worry-free shipment experience and allow you to focus on your patients and rest assured your delivery will be on time. 

Record Keeping 

With every delivery, know where your shipment has gone and who has had access to accurate record keeping. Our Quality Control department will help prevent mistakes, keep couriers accountable, and ensure success with each delivery. 

Specialized Medical Logistics From Stat Experts 

Unlike the typical Baltimore courier service, Stat Experts specializes in medical courier services. Each of our drivers is trained to meet the strict demands of the healthcare industry. Baltimore medical facilities can improve their day-to-day operations with assistance from Stat Experts with: 

  • Centralized dispatch 
  • Automatic billing 
  • Personalized services
  • Worry-free logistics 
  • Support from Stat Experts’ National logistics team

Call-First Service 

To better assist laboratory clients, Stat Experts offers a call-first service. Your medical courier will call doctor’s offices each morning to confirm specimen deliveries for that day. This can enhance your organization’s relationships with local doctors due to consistency and excellent deliveries.

Stat Experts: Your Specialized Courier Service in Baltimore, MD

Stat Experts has more than 75 years of combined experience in enhancing medical logistics. Partnering with our team extends your capabilities to provide care and stay under budget. Our couriers are there for you to provide support 24/7. Your deliveries will be on time every time and handled with care and confidentiality. 
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Exciting Developments at Stat Experts

We’re pleased to announce that Christina Haskins, our former VP of Marketing, has been appointed President of Stat Experts, with Hamed Chaharbaghi as Executive VP. CEO David Frenzel and former President Allen Absalon will continue their involvement in advisory roles.

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