Improve Efficiency With a Baltimore Logistics Service

Nov 14, 2023 | Logistics

Is your healthcare facility looking for solutions regarding critical shipments of specimens or equipment? Working with a medical courier can significantly improve your day-to-day operations and help you focus on providing the best patient care possible. 

Stat Experts is Baltimore’s most reliable medical courier service … and much more. We’re a team of professionals who are dedicated to supporting your organization and its continued success. 

Why Medical Couriers?

While there are alternative delivery options available, medical couriers specialize in providing fast deliveries and safeguarding your shipments — as well as following all the rules and regulations surrounding healthcare shipments. 

Due to the nature of the medical field, couriers need to be professional, efficient, and prompt, along with maintaining confidentiality throughout every step of the process. 

Stat Experts’ Medical Courier Services 

When it comes to the medical field, time is of the essence. To provide the best service, Stat Experts works 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We maintain a central dispatch with expert staff who can manage any issue that may arise during pick-up, transit, delivery, or storage.

Medical courier services from Stat Experts include:

  • Medical specimen pick-up and delivery
  • Blood shipments
  • Multi-site systems transfers 
  • Hospital material management delivery 
  • Scheduled routing for hospitals and laboratories

Stat Expert’s laboratory clients also benefit from our call-first service. Every morning, our friendly Quality Control team will inquire what shipments need to be delivered for various healthcare facilities and doctors offices each day. 

If your organization requires unique courier services, our team can provide personalized solutions to meet your specialized needs. Stat Experts has experience working with:

  • Labs 
  • Treatment centers 
  • Doctor’s offices 
  • Pharmacies and other healthcare facilities 

Stat Experts Handles All Logistics 

You can avoid unnecessary expenses and effort by partnering with Stat Expert’s medical logistics services. Unlike the average Baltimore medical logistics service, our team goes above and beyond for each of our clients. Rest assured that your deliveries are in good hands thanks to the following systems we employ: 

Advanced Tracking 

Medical shipments can mean life or death in some cases. Know exactly where each of your shipments is located at the palm of your hand at any given moment thanks to the advanced technology we use in our secure delivery process. 

Up-to-Date Compliance 

To protect the privacy of your organization and its patients, every medical courier from Stat Experts is certified to be compliant with OSHA, HIPAA, and manufacturer guidelines. 

Record Keeping 

Our team will monitor all transitions of your shipments to ensure privacy is protected and to maintain quality control from the beginning of our partnership through every shipment. 

Expense Reduction 

Working with our medical couriers can save you money by eliminating the following delivery-related expenses:

  • Insurance and worker’s compensation 
  • Driver wages and benefits
  • Training costs 
  • Uniforms 
  • Vehicle idle time and parking violations
  • Vehicle maintenance and fuel 
  • Cell phones 

Stat Experts: Your Trusted Baltimore Courier Service 

The management team at Stat Experts has more than 75 combined years of experience. We strive to earn your trust from the first shipment, so you know that your deliveries are secure and on time.If you’re ready to work with the DMV region’s most trusted courier service, request a quote and get started today.