Lab Specimen Courier: Everything You Need to Know

Jul 12, 2023 | Medical Courier

Lab specimens can be urgent, time-sensitive medical items. Do you know the best way to transport these important deliveries?

A lab specimen courier specializes in the proper handling of specimens. When you work with a courier, you can trust all your medical shipments follow industry standards while maintaining transparency and integrity.

Keep reading to learn about the advantages of working with a lab specimen courier.

What Is a Lab Specimen Courier?

A lab specimen courier transports and delivers medical or laboratory specimens, tools, and samples between medical facilities. Specimens may include biological samples such as:

  • Blood
  • Urine
  • Tissue
  • Other bodily fluids

When transporting lab specimens, it’s vital that your facility works with a trusted courier to ensure your shipments are delivered safely and on time while maintaining quality.

What a Lab Specimen Courier Does

A lab specimen courier has a very important role. Here’s what their work includes:

Pick Up

Couriers collect specimens from healthcare facilities, hospitals, clinics, or other medical locations. Shipments are properly identified and then carefully packaged before transportation. 


Couriers collect and transport specimens from collection sites to the testing center or laboratory. Maintaining sample integrity is of the utmost importance during this step.


Couriers maintain temperature conditions and follow any specific instructions from the laboratory. Safety is crucial to a lab specimen courier’s job. They must take measures to protect themselves, the samples, and the public. 

Couriers wear personal protective equipment (PPE), adhere to biohazardous material handling protocols, and practice proper hygiene when handling lab specimens.


Keeping accurate records of items collected and delivered is essential to a lab specimen courier’s role. They ensure all paperwork, such as chain of custody documents, transport logs, and other forms, are correct and maintain compliance with industry standards.

Time Management

Lab specimens may have time-sensitive requirements. Couriers must effectively manage their schedules when delivering lab specimens. Shipments for urgent samples may require specific delivery windows for the collection site.

Why Work With a Lab Specimen Courier?

A professional must handle medical specimens because these shipments may contain time-sensitive or hazardous items. Working with a lab specimen courier helps ensure that your facility takes all the proper precautions to maintain sample safety.

The advantages of working with a lab specimen courier include:

  • Safe transportation of specimens
  • Compliance and regulations
  • Timely deliveries
  • Specialized transportation equipment
  • Risk mitigation measures

With a lab specimen courier, your staff can focus on patient care rather than worrying about specimen pick-up, transportation, and delivery. You can find peace of mind knowing your shipments are in great hands with a courier service.

Lab Specimen Courier Service at Stat Experts

At Stat Experts, we offer a long list of medical courier services including:

  • Pick-up and delivery anywhere in the U.S.
  • Scheduled routing for hospitals and laboratories
  • Transfers between systems
  • Medical equipment storage and delivery to time-critical clients
  • Medical specimen pick-up
  • Medical supply delivery 
  • Warehouse and facility support
  • Hospital material management delivery
  • Blood shipments

Our team can customize courier services according to the specifications of each healthcare facility, whether it’s a lab, treatment center, or office. Stat Experts can save labs money by bringing all specimens to our facility to be sorted and consolidated into a single shipment with a bill of lading that shows every client’s pick-up. This service allows us to provide a transparent chain of custody for all your health facility’s needs.
Contact us today to schedule services or learn more about what we offer.