Medical Device Warehouse Storage

Jan 17, 2023 | Medical Warehousing Services

Warehouse storage is a critical part of the medical device supply chain. Proper warehouse storage can help ensure that medical devices are properly stored, protected from damage and theft, and always available when needed. 

Medical device manufacturers often have specific requirements for medical device warehouse storage, so it’s essential to work with a reputable provider. By storing medical devices in a secure temperature and humidity-controlled environment, you can be sure your patients are receiving the best possible care.

Proper Storage of Medical Devices in a Warehouse

Medical devices must be properly stored in order to avoid potential consequences such as damage or loss. Correct storage can minimize the risk of accidents, protect equipment from corrosion and other environmental factors while saving time and money. 

Here are four tips for proper medical device storage in a warehouse:

Follow Manufacturer Guidelines 

Make sure all medical devices are securely stored according to the manufacturer’s instructions. This will help prevent damage and ensure that the devices are operable when needed.

Keep Gadgets Organized 

Keep medical devices in their original packaging if possible, and group them by function or type. This will make it easier to find what you’re looking for and reduce the chances of collisions during transport.

Protect Against Moisture and Dust Buildup 

Store medical devices in a dry area free from dust accumulation, which can cause corrosion and malfunctioning of equipment. Moisture also poses a threat to electronic components, so you must keep gadgets away from areas where water runoff is likely (elevators, bathrooms, etc.).

Monitor Your Inventory Regularly 

Regularly inspect your medical device warehouse for signs of wear or damage. If something seems amiss, report it to management immediately so that corrective action can be taken.

The Benefits of Using a Medical Device Warehouse

Outsourcing the storage of your equipment and other supplies to a third-party medical device warehouse comes with some robust advantages:

Streamlined Operations

A medical device warehouse can help streamline the storage and distribution of medical devices within a hospital or network of healthcare facilities. By consolidating all of the medical devices in one location, hospitals can save on costs associated with storing and distributing these devices. In addition, improved quality of care is possible as improper storage or maintenance of medical devices is less likely to occur.

Reduced Costs

Outsourcing your warehousing services can reduce the cost of storing and distributing medical devices. By providing a centralized location for these products, manufacturers and hospitals can negotiate better prices for their products. Furthermore, this facility can also improve the quality of care by ensuring that all necessary equipment is properly stored and maintained.

Improved Safety

You can also improve patient safety by reducing the risk of infection or other complications associated with improper storage or maintenance of medical devices. Properly stored and maintained equipment is less likely to become contaminated or damaged, which could lead to serious health consequences for patients.

Increased Efficiency

It can also increase efficiency in hospital operations by reducing the need for staff to constantly monitor and maintain inventory levels of medical devices. By centralizing all inventory in one place, hospitals are able to focus more resources on other tasks that are more important to patient care

Choose Stat Experts for Your Medical Device Warehouse Needs

When storing medical devices, it is important to find a warehouse that can provide the proper environment for your devices and meet any other specific requirements. Stat Experts has become a trusted leader in medical device warehouse services, as well as logistics and delivery of medical supplies and equipment.

Stat Experts gives you the edge with reliable systems in place, including:

• Clean and sterile facilities

• Trustworthy security measures in place to protect against theft or vandalism

• Staff fully trained in the handling of medical supplies and devices

• Complete inventory, re-ordering, and delivery systems

• All transportation and shipment provided

Contact our team here at Stat Experts today to talk about how we can save you time and money while improving and streamlining your medical device logistics! 

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