Medical Device Warehousing: How to Optimize for Your Business

Jun 14, 2023 | Medical Warehousing Services

Many professionals in the healthcare industry know that medical device storage is more than keeping bandages and ice packs on the shelf. It’s a complex process that involves the highest levels of detail and precision, so you must use a reliable medical device warehousing provider.

Medical devices are critical components of the healthcare industry and must be stored and transported with the utmost care to maintain their quality and efficacy. That’s why more and more healthcare facilities are turning to medical device warehousing for their storage needs. 

A medical logistics provider can take the stress of ensuring each device is appropriately handled and up to industry standards. It’s important to partner with a provider who understands the industry and how to handle, store, and transport all medical devices. 

Let’s look more closely at medical device warehousing and what you can do to ensure you’re following the best practices. 

What Is Medical Device Warehousing?

Medical device warehousing refers to storing and managing medical devices in a designated facility. These facilities ensure that equipment is kept in a controlled environment to maintain its quality and safety.

These warehousing facilities are typically equipped with climate control systems, security features, and inventory management software. They make sure that devices are stored at the appropriate temperature and humidity levels, protected from theft or damage, and are easily located when needed.

This service enables healthcare providers to access and deploy medical devices quickly and efficiently. Warehousing facilities play a critical role in managing inventory levels and keeping healthcare providers prepared with the tools and supplies they need to provide high-quality patient care.

How Can Warehousing Fulfill Your Business Needs?

When you work with a medical device warehouse provider, they take a significant amount of logistics work off your plate. The right partner can help you with the following: 

  • Records management 
  • Inventory management 
  • Transparent tracking 
  • Quality control 
  • And much more

The goal for a medical device warehouser is to keep track of your inventory, keep the equipment in the correct environments, and be able to promptly locate any device when you need it. 

Medical Device Warehousing Benefits

Medical device warehousing providers handle the bulk of the workload while offering numerous benefits, such as:

Efficient Inventory Management

Medical device warehousing allows you to manage your inventory efficiently. By storing equipment in a centralized location, it becomes easier to keep track of the quantity, location, and status of each device.

Many warehousing providers will do this step for you. The best ones use the latest tech to help keep you in the know and be as transparent as possible. 

While they do leg work, you can rest assured that your supplies are being handled professionally while you focus on caring for your patients. 

Improved Supply Chain Management

Third-party warehousing can help streamline the supply chain process, ensuring that medical devices are available whenever and wherever they are needed. This can help to reduce lead times and improve overall efficiency.

When you have an external team managing your supply chain, you can easily access items and have them delivered as soon as possible. Efficient supply chain management means your staff and your patients are getting exactly what they need — while enjoying the care they deserve. 

Enhanced Device Protection

Medical devices can be sensitive to temperature, humidity, and other environmental factors. A well-equipped warehouse can ensure these devices are stored optimally, protecting them from damage and deterioration.

Along with this, a medical warehouse team will ensure devices stay at the right temperature and humidity while adhering to FDA regulations. 

Cost Savings

Warehousing can help to reduce transportation, labor, storage, and other overhead expenses by consolidating shipments and enabling bulk purchases. It minimizes the risk of stockouts which result in lost revenue and added expenses.

Contact Stat Experts for Medical Device Warehousing

At Stat Experts, we are equipped to manage virtually all medical devices. Whether it is simple supplies or more complex machines that need temperature monitoring, we have it covered. 

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