Pharmaceutical Logistics: What You Need to Know

Nov 1, 2022 | Medical Logistics

Pharmaceutical logistics are an essential service. Medical courier services assure reliable and speedy delivery when speed matters the most. Specifically, pharmaceutical logistics ensure that doctors, hospitals, labs, and medical centers receive pharmaceutical deliveries promptly as needed and routinely.

It is crucial for pharmaceutical companies to partner with a reliable medical courier service that provides dependable pharmaceutical logistics. Improper distribution of drugs can be problematic for both the company and patients.

The Importance of Privacy and Security

Two of the most critical aspects in the medical field for both patients and medical providers are privacy and security. As medical experts, you are responsible for the privacy and security of your patients. So, when partnering with a pharmaceutical logistics company, ensure that they will comply with medical standards in privacy and security.

OSHA and HIPAA Certified

HIPAA regulations focus on three primary sectors: privacy, security, and patient rights. OSHA focuses on ensuring the safety and health of employees. Finding a courier service that adheres to these rules and regulations is crucial for the safety and security of your practice. 

Production → Warehousing → Distribution

The pharmaceutical supply chain moves from manufacturing to distribution. Your logistics company must be able to warehouse, sort, and distribute your pharmaceutical products. This enables them to supply your company with all the medical supplies necessary.

Challenges Within Pharmaceutical Logistics 

Order Management 

Managing your deliveries log is important to keep track of your past and upcoming orders. At Stat Experts, we keep all our records for every order and delivery. We do this so that you can access your order history whenever you log in. 

Temperature Control

In the pharmaceutical industry, having temperature-sensitive warehouses and courier vehicles is vital to keep products in proper condition. For example, specialty drugs, home infusions, etc.all require reliable temperature-controlled resources, such as cold chains.

At Stat Experts, we equip all our cars, vans, box trucks, and four-wheel-drive vehicles with coolers for temperature-controlled shipments. 

Shipment Visibility

When time is of the essence, you must know where your packages are and how long they will take to arrive. The medical industry is time sensitive; therefore, real-time tracking ability is vital!

At Stat Experts, we provide advanced real-time tracking services to create complete transparency with you. With this technology, you can see your order from pick-up to delivery. In addition, we optimize all of our routes so that we can get your pharmaceutical orders to you STAT. 

Dependable, Fast, and Transparent

Finding a medical courier that comes through on every order as fast as possible is vital when life is on the line. Stat Experts offers unparalleled pharmaceutical courier services with the best practices 24/7-365 and 75 years of combined experience on our team.

We are known for our flexibility and promptness. Our services include on-demand pick-up and delivery for urgent prescription needs and routine deliveries.

Stat Experts Pharmaceutical Logistic Services 

We serve physician offices, sites, hospitals, labs, and medical centers.

  • Prescription/pharmaceutical delivery service
  • Medical biohazards specimen transportation
  • Temperature-controlled sealed coolers

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Exciting Developments at Stat Experts

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