Same-Day Medical Supply Delivery

Feb 23, 2023 | Medical Logistics

As more and more medical suppliers turn to same-day deliveries for their customers, we’re often asked if it’s really worth it. 

Does same-day medical supply delivery cost more? Are there advantages to shortening shipment times? Can providing same-day delivery give you an edge over your competitors? 

We’re here to answer those questions and more! It is the ultimate goal of Stat Experts to help you and your medical supply business be more successful. Our team of medical supply delivery experts has identified at least four reasons for you to partner with a medical-oriented courier company for your shipment needs.

Save Money

A common misconception about same-day deliveries is that they are prohibitively expensive, particularly for goods like medical supplies. But when you partner with a courier service like Stat Experts which specializes in medical deliveries, you’ll find that the cost for same-day deliveries can be significantly reduced when you bundle them with a menu of other services. 

For example, if you can add same-day deliveries to a regularly scheduled route, using a courier service can actually be quite affordable. Combining same-day service with warehousing, scheduling, and routing can save a considerable amount of money versus delivering them yourself. 

Build Trust

When you provide your customers with flexible options, you’re able to assure them that you have their best interests at the top of your priority list. Your customers will love the dependability of our services, which include:

• Medical courier

• Medical lab courier

• Medical logistics

• Medical warehousing

• Pharmaceutical courier

• Hospital courier

• Flight services (NFO)

Give them more reasons to trust you with their most important shipping needs, both now and for the long term. 

Improve Your Service

Your customers will love having the option of same-day medical supply delivery service when needed. The healthcare community, including hospitals, laboratories, and pharmacies, readily depends on faster turnaround times for their urgent needs. They will also appreciate your ability to offset some of the overhead costs. Highlighting quality is key for healthcare providers so that they can continue to provide the best care to their patients.

Maximize Security

Medical supply deliveries demand complete confidentiality, privacy, and trackability at every point of transportation. Whether you’re delivering on the same day or by the end of next week, your healthcare clients require the utmost security for all their medical deliveries. Stat Experts has reliable systems in place to ensure your goods are always safe and sound from pick-up to their final destination.

Same-Day Medical Supply Delivery with Stat Experts

Delivery agreements can vary per customer, so it’s always a smart idea to contact a medical supply courier service to discuss your specific needs. By evaluating your daily shipping needs, routes, customers, and budget, they can give you the most practical, economical, and effective delivery plan available. 

The ideal courier service will also be equipped to grow along with you and your business. As conditions and needs change, you’ll always be prepared to take your company to the next level as seamlessly as possible. 

Give the shipping pros at Stat Experts a call today to discuss your specific delivery needs. We’re confident that we can create a custom plan that saves your company money, ensures accuracy and security, and keeps your customers happy. 

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