Should You Hire an On-Demand Medical Courier?

Dec 27, 2022 | Medical Courier

The on-demand medical courier business has gotten popular lately. Medical providers are quickly discovering that outsourcing their delivery needs have a host of benefits with the front runner being reduced expenses.

Should your hospital, health clinic, pharmacy or laboratory take advantage of on-demand medical courier services? We think so! Here’s why.

Save Money — Lots of It!

When you manage ALL your own medical deliveries, you accrue a long list of expenses. Staffing alone is a major cost, including wages, benefits (which can cost nearly as much as wages) insurance, management of those employees, HR services, recruitment, training, mobile phones, uniforms, and more. 

You’ll also pay a significant amount for vehicles, which come with maintenance and repairs, fuel, insurance, tolls, parking, storage, cleaning, potential claims and traffic violations, and inevitable vehicle replacement. 

In addition, you’ll need an employee or a network of employees to manage the logistics of shipping medical deliveries. This includes billing, record-keeping, dispatching, tracking, scheduling, management, and processing. These costs add up fast and are inevitable!

While some healthcare providers try to hide or lump their delivery costs with overhead, administrative, or other departmental expenses, the fact remains that they are spending a lot of money on getting their shipments delivered. They really need an expert to help deliver supplies, pharmaceuticals, biopsies, lab samples, records, and other life-and-death medical shipments on time, every time.

Ensure Safety and Security

We all know how important it is for everything patient related to be kept safe and confidential. Biological samples, in particular, must be delivered using highly secure, temperature-controlled methods of transportation. 

When you rely on an on-demand medical courier, you’re getting the expertise and experience of a team that knows how to take every precaution and follow every rule and regulation pertaining to medical shipments. They’ll take care of everything for you, including metadata and bread crumb tracking. 

If there’s ever a question or concern about the security of any delivery, a professional on-demand courier service will be prepared to handle it at a moment’s notice.

Focus on Your Patients

With so many factors on the line in medical deliveries, you’ll be doing yourself, your team, and your patients a huge favor by leaving courier services to the experts. You owe it to your patients to give them your full attention and utmost care. 

Don’t bog down your staff with the long list of responsibilities that come with medical courier services. Keep them freed up to focus on what they do best: providing premium patient care.

Try Stat Experts On-Demand Medical Courier Services

When you use an on-demand medical courier service like Stat Experts, you get access to a long list of secure, confidential, money-saving services: 

• We pick up and deliver medical specimens, including temperature controlled, anywhere in the United States.

• We transfer and deliver an extensive list of medical equipment.

• We schedule hospital and laboratory routing and transfers between multi-site systems.

• We store medical equipment on-site, using our own facilities with 24-hour security.

• We store and deliver parts for time-critical clients.

• We pick up medical specimens via routine, delivery, or STAT service.

• We deliver medical supplies.

• We provide warehousing and facility support.

• We manage every aspect of delivery, including billing and record-keeping.

• We provide whole blood, organ, and biological tissues safely and quickly.

If you’re still wondering whether outsourcing your on-demand medical courier services is right for you, give the team at Stat Experts a call! We’re happy to answer all your questions and provide you with a free estimate for your deliveries. 

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