Temperature-Controlled Delivery Services with Stat Experts

Jun 5, 2023 | Medical Courier

For some medical deliveries, shipments require more than just a vehicle and a driver. If you have lab samples like bone marrow or an organ transplant, you need a temperature-controlled delivery service. 

A temperature-controlled service will ensure your shipments remain at the proper temperature and receive the appropriate care. At Stat Experts, we specialize in medical logistics, making us experts in temperature-controlled deliveries. 

The field of medical logistics requires special attention to every detail because the service can save your customers’ lives. A medical logistics team requires 100% dependability, accuracy, and security. We handle every delivery with the utmost care. 

When you sign on with us for temperature-controlled delivery services, you sign on for premium service and care. Our temperature-controlled logistics are wired with the latest technology to ensure the safe transportation of environment-sensitive goods and products. 

In addition, our services utilize science to determine and accommodate the links between temperature and perishability. When we pack and pick up your shipments, we have the exact requirements for the package and how it should be moved, unloaded, and delivered.  

Logistics for Temperature-Controlled Delivery Services

The chain of custody has many moving parts for temperature-controlled deliveries. For example, the logistics provider needs to account for storage, cooling systems, cold transports, and cold processing, to name a few. 

At Stat Experts, we can provide a complete medical logistics service to maintain the quality of your shipments. The following are some elements needed for temperature-controlled logistics: 

  • Cold storage 
  • Cooling systems 
  • Cold transport 
  • Cold distribution

Together, the listed items maintain your shipments and ensure they reach their destination promptly and as expected. 

Cold Storage

Cold storage refers to the facilities that manage goods and store them while waiting to be transported. With Stat Experts, we provide complete medical logistics warehousing to store and maintain your shipments. 

Our medical warehousing offers the following: 

  • Records management expertise
  • No minimum storage costs
  • Responsive, local service
  • National capabilities
  • Multiple-site storage logistics
  • On-time delivery
  • Next-day delivery
  • 5-Hour delivery
  • 3-Hour delivery
  • Warehouse storage

Cooling Systems

A cooling system brings the shipment to the temperature and maintains the appropriate temperature. This system maintains the temperature throughout the supply chain, including processing, storing, and transporting. 

Cold Transport

As we transport your shipments, our temperature-controlled delivery services utilize cold transport to ensure samples remain at stable temperatures and humidity levels the entire time.   

Cold Distribution

Cold distribution focuses on loading boxes and crates to distribute the samples while also maintaining the temperature.

The four elements of temperature-controlled logistics are all things that medical logistics providers need to keep in mind when offering temperature-controlled delivery services. 

Stat Experts’ Temperature-Sensitive Logistics

At Stat Experts, we control the whole chain of custody to give you the most transparency. Our team leads the complete packaging and shipping of client specimens by either air or ground. 

Our temperature-controlled deliveries only stay within our line of shipping. From packaging and moving to picking up and shipping and all the way to delivery, we manage the shipment. 

Temperature-controlled delivery services need to be maintained appropriately, and the most successful way to do this is by keeping the shipment within the same logistics company. As your shipments move through the line of custody, we keep records and documents, so you can be kept in the loop of where your shipment is and where it’s going. 

We believe in transparency helping you serve your customers. 

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