The 3-Step Medical Specimen Delivery Process

Feb 21, 2023 | Medical Logistics

Medical specimen delivery requires focus and attention. If a delivery is made to a different place or at the wrong time, you can inconvenience a client in more ways than one. 

For example, some samples are more critical, such as bone marrow or organs. If these shipments are delayed, delivered wrong, or even late, the customer could experience life-threatening symptoms. 

Other shipments, like routine specimens and blood samples, are more critical if lost or misplaced. Customers will need the sample to be redrawn, which is a painful and time consuming process. Regardless of the nature of the shipment, each customer has to eagerly wait for a diagnosis from the lab results. The medical couriers must maintain timely deliveries to ensure the viability of the samples. 

In addition, it is essential that medical couriers maintain the correct precautions and guidelines while making the deliveries. Finally, lab results must be properly maintained to avoid losing the sample and needing to retake the collection. 

It’s helpful to understand each step of the medical specimen delivery process and best practices to ensure you are getting high quality and superior service for your medical deliveries. 

Breaking Down the Medical Specimen Delivery Process

Medical specimen deliveries are completed through three steps:  

  1. Collection
  2. Pick up
  3. Delivery

It is critical to maintain the proper procedures and guidelines during each of these steps. At Stat Experts, we are the leading medical logistics provider because we maintain each guideline and procedure while delivering efficiently. 

Step 1: Collection

Collection starts when the lab sample has been collected and is ready for pick-up. The medical provider will send a delivery request to their medical logistics provider. 

The medical provider shares the type of specimen delivery, time requirement of the delivery, and the appropriate care for the shipment. The service provider then shares a service suggestion, and the two work together to decide which type of service fits the sample’s needs. 

At Stat Experts, we offer the following services for medical courier shipments: 

  • Pick-up and delivery of medical specimens anywhere in the U.S.
  • Hospital and laboratory scheduled routing (discounts available)
  • Transfers between multi-site systems
  • On-site storage of medical equipment and parts for delivery to time-critical clients
  • Hospital material management delivery
  • Blood shipments
  • Organ transplants
  • Critical Life Science shipments

The type of delivery and service needed is determined before the sample is taken, so the medical courier is prepared at the collection site. 

Step 2: Pick Up

Once the sample is picked up, the medical courier packages the sample according to the required precautions. For example, if it needs a temperature-controlled environment, the sample is packaged accordingly, and the courier uses necessary medical equipment and supplies to maintain the shipment’s integrity. 

From there, the courier follows the route to get the shipment delivered promptly and according to the selected service. 

Stat Experts offers three different types of medical logistics services: 

  • On-demand 
  • Call first 
  • Scheduled 

Each of these services has specific needs and requirements. One of our highly trained medical couriers will carry out the selected service professionally and effectively. Click here to learn more about our medical specimen delivery services. 

Step 3: Delivery

The final step in the medical specimen transporting process is delivery. Delivery is considered a crucial step because, if done incorrectly, the customer may be at risk or need to retake their sample. 

To provide an extra layer of trust, Stat Experts ensures that all medical deliveries are made with high accuracy and confirmed by a medical dispatcher, so your customers can get their results and diagnosis promptly. 

Best Practices for Medical Specimen Deliveries 

Stat Expert’s standard best practices for medical specimen deliveries include:

  • Collecting and labeling specimens
  • Tracking and managing the chain of custody
  • Specimen transport and tracking
  • Requisitions and receipts
  • Documentation of improper specimen submissions
  • Results reporting
  • 24/7 Metadata accessibility

At Stat Experts, we ensure each of these is enforced and followed. We give you quality service that exceeds OSHA and HIPAA standards. 

Why Stat Expert Is the Expert in Medical Specimen Delivery

At Stat Experts, we are committed to maintaining the highest possible standards for every delivery entrusted to us. Beginning at pick-up and moving to drop-off, you know that we will deliver your shipments safely, confidentially, and on time. 

Due to our rapid adaptation to industry demands and implementation of agile methods, Stat Experts is quickly becoming the go-to courier service in today’s highly competitive delivery market.

Taking pride in being an extension of your daily operations, we strive to make every shipment a success. In addition to our industry-leading expertise, our operations, customer service, quality control, scheduling, and accounting teams work together to ensure you have only to worry about your patient’s wellbeing. We make it a goal to save both time and money by utilizing the following for your benefit: 

  • Local courier offices supported by our national logistics team
  • Centralized dispatch
  • Meticulous record-keeping
  • Automatic billing
  • Fully controlled processes
  • Client customized standard operating procedures
  • Personalized customer service
  • Complete management of drivers, vehicle maintenance, insurance, and training
  • Worry-free logistics

With our seamless courier experience for you and your customers, we handle everything from centralized dispatching to logistical management.

Reduce Your Company’s Expenses in Practical Ways

Using Stat Experts couriers saves you money because you eliminate the need to hire, pay, train, insure, and supervise your drivers. Also, you never need to take route drivers off their runs to handle on-demand pick-ups, thereby cutting the costs of waiting for drivers.

Stat Experts treat all of your customers with respect and professionalism, and you will never need to worry about claims against you for shipping failures.

We take care of a long list of related expenses such as insurance, fuel, wages, vehicle idle time, worker’s compensation insurance, DOT record-keeping, tolls, cell phones, uniforms, storage equipment, and vehicle maintenance.

At Stat Experts, we aim to provide the highest quality service and save you money. 

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