The Importance of Medical Courier Certification

Jun 12, 2023 | Medical Courier

Working with a medical courier is the best way to ensure the proper handling of medical items during transportation. But how do you know if a courier follows industry requirements and best practices? A medical courier certification proves that a courier knows the laws and regulations for transporting medical specimens. 

A qualified medical courier is knowledgeable about shipment protocols and committed to safety and professionalism. 

In this article, let’s review why it’s essential for a courier to have a certification and how working with a certified medical courier can benefit your business (and your patients).

Why Should a Medical Courier Be Certified?

A medical courier certification teaches industry standards and much more. It’s likely that you want to know that a person is qualified to do the job they are performing. Would a patient make an appointment with an unlicensed healthcare provider? Probably not. 

Choosing a courier with a certification gives you peace of mind knowing that your medical deliveries are in the right hands. 

A certification ensures:

  • Industry knowledge
  • Safety regulations
  • Trustworthiness
  • Reliability

If you are unsure whether your courier is certified or not, you risk issues with an order during transportation. Safe, correct, and on-time shipments are crucial for healthcare facilities so that providers always have what they need to treat their patients. 

What to Know About Medical Courier Certification

Are you wondering what certification entails? A medical courier will learn how to handle and package various medical specimens, maintain temperature controls during transportation, follow regulations, guarantee chain of custody, and practice infection control measures. 

To be certified, a medical courier must complete:


The first step will include lessons in biohazard handling, proper specimen collection and packaging, temperature-controlled transportation, chain-of-custody procedures, and compliance with relevant regulations such as OSHA and HIPAA laws.


This portion of the medical courier certification process tests candidates on what they learned during training, including handling specimens, safety precautions, and shipping logistics.

Background Check

Since candidates are working with sensitive materials, they may be required to complete background checks, which ensures both trustworthiness and capability when working with a medical courier. 

Ongoing Education

If the certification expires, the courier will complete regular training to stay current on best practices and industry requirements. 

Some programs may also include lessons on medical terminology, relevant laws, communication tactics, and customer service. The requirements may vary depending on the country, region, or certifying organization. 

Choose a Medical Courier You Can Trust

Medical couriers play an important role in helping healthcare facilities transport vital medical specimens, samples, pharmaceuticals, or other medical-related supplies. When your deliveries need to be handled by a safe and secure courier, trust Stat Experts.

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