The Pharmaceutical Shipping Process from Start to Finish

Dec 15, 2022 | Pharmaceutical Courier

Pharmaceuticals are necessities for so many people, and knowing how to ship them correctly is essential in getting them to your patients wherever and whenever they need them. Because of the sensitive nature of pharmaceutical products, pharma shipping can be a complex process.

There is one thing that impacts pharmaceutical shipping the most, and that is the temperature sensitivity of many drugs. If you’re involved on any level in the delivery of medical products, it’s important that you work with a company that understands all the moving parts that get pharmaceuticals from point A to point B.

Pharmaceutical Shipping

When trusting a logistics company to handle your pharmaceutical shipments, it is very important that they practice the best temperature and security measures for handling medication(s).

Temperature Sensitivity of Pharmaceuticals

While all medicines have various temperature regulations, 75% of all drugs require temperature-controlled shipping. And some of these pharmaceuticals would experience chemical alteration if the temperature range changed even 2 degrees. This is why consistently maintaining the cold chain is vital for the integrity of the products. Stat Experts understands the importance of temperature controlled shipments and uses its secure chain of custody process to ensure the cold chain remains intact throughout the delivery process.

The Cold Chain, Moving From Door to Door

The cold chain is the process of tracking the temperature of your medical shipment from door to door without allowing the shipment’s temperature to change. To accomplish this, Stat Experts uses data-loggers and temperature monitoring gps trackers to ensure the shipment(s) stay the same temperature throughout the pharmaceutical shipping process. 

Keeping Your Freight Secure

Because various drugs can present dangerous threats to consumers, it is essential that all shipping vehicles — cars, trucks, vans, or airplanes — are locked at all times if not actively being loaded or unloaded. Stat Experts incorporates best practices when providing these services and will schedule pharmaceutical shipments as direct routes when necessary to eliminate stops, leaving less room for error. Drivers are also instructed to stay with the vehicle at all times if possible and to ensure the vehicle is locked and the shipments are not in plain sight.


Once the medical courier arrives at their destination, the shipment will be delivered in its temperature-controlled packaging, and any temperature tracking devices are removed so the metadata can be uploaded to the client. Once delivered to the recipient, it will be their responsibility to house and maintain the products at the appropriate temperature, and our metadata will prove that any temperature changes came after the delivery was made. 

Partner with Pharmaceutical Logistics Professionals 

From cars to airplanes and everything in between, Stat Experts has all the resources necessary to transport any medical products in a safe and secure manner. This makes it easy for us to say that our chain of custody and transportation processes ensure the reliability of our cold chain. 

Get a quote today, and let the cold chain logistics professional handle your pharmaceutical shipping needs.