The Specifics for Pharma Shipments

Jan 5, 2023 | Pharmaceutical Courier

Pharmaceuticals require temperature controlled storage and distribution. To maintain the integrity and safety for these products, all pharma shipments must follow precise procedures which include the following below:

  • Prioritize the temperature controlled environments
  • Adhere to secure chain of custody
  • Package properly
  • Partner with professionals

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) outlines extensive shipping regulations for pharma transportation.

Understand the Importance of Temperature Controlled Shipments 

Temperature controlled transit is a huge business not only for pharma shipments but also for items including frozen perishables or fresh flower deliveries. Around 70% of pharmaceutical products require temperature controlled shipment capabilities, requiring between 55 and 77 degree Fahrenheit conditions. All of our drivers are trained on the importance of maintaining specific temperature requirements in order to guarantee the viability of pharma shipments.

Maintaining a Constant Temperature

At every point during transportation, all products must maintain their required temperature. Anywhere between a 2-degree increase or decrease could compromise pharmaceutical products. So, from start to finish, whenever you move the products, your logistics company must provide a safe and effective way to maintain the temperature necessary. Our team is equipped with the capability to ensure proper temperature requirements, through the use of data loggers and live monitoring. This level of record keeping not only guarantees the utmost level of efficiency, but it also provides an added layer of trust.

Insulated Containers

We have a full ranged vehicle fleet and insulated containers that maintains the viable temperature of pharma shipments. These thermal containers can help prevent temperature shifts, light exposure, humidity, and moisture effects. 

Prioritize Security Measures

Drugs are essential elements but can also be dangerous if not handled properly. During transportation, it is vital to ensure that all shipment trucks and containers are securely locked. You cannot risk someone being able to steal or tamper with pharmaceuticals. This can put both the public and end-users in harm’s way. 

Theft during pharma transport is, unfortunately, a significant concern. This safety breach is a significant threat to HIPPA and OSHA policies that Stat Experts takes pride in protecting. Preventing this is necessary for numerous reasons:

  • Providing patients with the prescription drugs they need 
  • Keeping the community safe from potentially hazardous drugs
  • Preventing theft from supplying the black market with more drugs

Limit Contact Points

Shipping pharmaceuticals in general, is risky because of the expense to the patient and the dire need for the treatments. In fact, 75% of drug theft occurs during transit. To reduce theft, it is crucial to limit the number of contact points that pharma shipments encounter. If fewer people handle a product, it is less likely theft will occur.

When looking for a medical logistics company, ensure that they optimize routes so that they are non-stop, decreasing contact points. In addition, their drivers must be astute to detail and trained in handling medical products and maintaining various temperatures.

Minimize Theft

  • Don’t take unnecessary stops
  • Avoid high-crime areas
  • Don’t leave the cargo unattended for extensive amounts of time
  • Keep doors locked when the vehicle is left unattended

Know How to Package Pharma Shipments Properly

Packaging and labels are just as important as security. Improper labeling or packaging of pharma shipments can threaten the safety of anyone who is to come in contact with the drug. 

As thoroughly stated above, temperature is the most critical factor in the transportation of pharmaceuticals. Therefore, temperature controlled packaging further protects your pharma shipments. 

Partner with the Professionals

Boasting ample experience in temperature controlled logistics, Stat Experts has been working in medical courier logistics for 75 years. We operate 24/7-365, always ready to serve you and your clients. We promise to always provide our clients with STAT delivery solutions. #WheneveryouneedusWhereveryouneedus 

If you are looking for professional pharma shipment logistics, learn more about our services.

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