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Nov 15, 2022 | Medical Logistics

Transporting any cargo can be an intricate task. It takes a team of detail-oriented, organized, and reliable people to ensure that any type of freight makes it from point A to point B securely, in quality condition, and on time. This team must focus on every detail that goes into transporting specific loads. For example, do your loads require temperature-controlled transit, extra security, or white glove services?

You need to partner with a medical logistics company that knows how to handle any specialty service, especially if you are transporting medical supplies. 

A Courier that Specializes in the Transport of Medical Supplies

Transporting medical supplies takes even more care than other types of freight. Medical supplies can quickly spoil, pose a threat to humans, or be highly coveted. Because of this, it is essential to partner with a logistics company that specializes in the transport of medical equipment.

At Stat Experts, we provide our customers with every service they need to safely and securely transport medical supplies from cold chain capabilities to specimen processing and consolidation.

Reasons to Partner with a Medical Logistics Provider

While partnering with a large international logistics provider for transporting your medical items is an option, you will be provided with more medical transit expertise at a medically specialized logistics company, ensuring that your inventory is in qualified hands. Here are the top three reasons to trust a medical logistics company like Stat Experts to handle your medical cargo:

1) Employees Are Trained to Handle Medical Supplies

3PLs that specialize in medical transit train all their employees to properly handle any medical supplies, including:

  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Surgical Equipment
  • Phlebotomy Equipment 
  • Shipping Containers
  • Medical records
  • Prosthesis 

Unlike the jumbo transportation companies, medical courier services educate their team on what different types of medical supplies are, their proper warehousing conditions, how to handle them, and how to package them appropriately for transit. 

At Stat Experts, all our drivers are also fully insured and extensively educated on handling your shipments properly ensuring a secure chain of custody from start to finish.

2) Speed Isn’t an Option; It’s a Requirement 

When transporting medical supplies, speed is a must because sometimes a shipment’s delivery determines the end of a life or death situation. That’s why your medical logistics company must offer on-demand services. 

We are a 24/7-365 company at Stat Experts. Our medical delivery services ensure we deliver medical supplies shipments on time, every time. We offer on-demand services, including:

  • Regular: 3-hour delivery
  • Stat: 2-hour delivery
  • SuperStat: direct delivery

We also offer next-day and overnight deliveries for less time-sensitive shipments. 

3) Full Transparency: Real-Time Tracking with Cross-Platform Compatibility

When you are shipping items that are malleable to environmental changes and sometimes targeted for theft, you will want to know where your shipments are at all times. Stat Experts offers you real-time tracking with cross-platform compatibility for transporting sensitive items.

With our advanced technology, you can see where your shipments are in real time from departure until arrival via our IOS and Android app. You can log into your account on any device and view the status of all your shipments. 

Ensure Safe and Secure Transport of Medical Supplies

Partnering with Stat Experts takes a load off your shoulders. Trust us to transport your medical supplies and invest your newfound free time in building your business. 

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